Portal of Commencement Midpoint Shelter, INC
Atlanta, Ga 30313
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About Portal of Commencement Midpoint Shelter
The Portal of Commencement Midpoint Shelter, INC (POCMS) was founded in Atlanta, Ga, and only a dream of founder and President of the Board, Marshall Jackson, and co- founder and C.O.O. Elizabeth Ribeiro. This shelter serves the Atlanta, Ga area. The programs' focus is to alleviate homelessness by offering families opportunity to re-establish stability, and become productive, contributing individuals in society. 

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The program performs the following:
 1. Housing individual families with daycare given 
 2. Offer employment possibilities for shelter guest through cooperative staffing agencies

The plague of the recent meteoric rise in homelessness is treatable, but we all must become one in order to alleviate it. What effects one, be it directly or indirectly, effects all.