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About Portal of Commencement Midpoint Shelter

Our Mission:
To inspire hope, and contribute to promotion of health and wellness to motivated, economically disadvantaged families in order to facilitate their transition through application of best practices, equally making the process rewarding.

Our Vision:
The vision of POCMS is to aid in the alleviation of human suffering in the face of homelessness by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors.

Portal of Commencement Midpoint Shelter, Inc. (POCMS) is a 501(c)(3) organization operating in West End, Atlanta Ga that intends to provide supportive housing, employment services, daycare for employed guests, as well as weekly workshops (computer literacy, job readiness, banking, etc.) to qualifying homeless women and children up to, and not exceeding 6 (six) months.

This program is identified as The Service Delivery Quality Assurance Program. The SDQA goals include:
•Increasing or stabilizing individual functioning and independent living
•Developing or enhancing individual skills that increase personal and economic independence
•Increasing individual social and civic involvement, and 
•Supporting individuals in their recovery journey.

Established in 2011 through the efforts of a group of concerned, committed, and goal-oriented members of Metropolitan Atlanta No More Bounds, Inc and addiction recovery communities, dedicated to aid in eradicating the homeless epidemic. 
Since 2015, POCMS has been funded by the active board members as a culturally specific, peer-led Recovery Community Service Program. POCMS has been also funded and donated in-kind services continuously by MDS, Inc.,NMB, UPS, and Serving Food Safe through a variety of programs focused primarily on aiding in the eradication of homelessness among women and children in Metropolitan Atlanta

As an extended gesture of community service, in 2015 POCMS, Inc. initiated a program to feed the homeless population of Metropolitan Atlanta on Saturday and Sunday of every week. The ongoing program is entitled the "Blessing Bag" program. This program is currently funded by Publix and Kroger Supermarkets.Housing is essential to ending homelessness, but housing alone it is not sufficient. It is well established in human
rights law and its interpretation that housing is not just a physical structure of a roof and walls. Globally a number
of nations have implemented a range of housing lead and social policies and programs to combat homelessness.

We anticipate that our efforts will enable an open dialogue discussing the donors, good practices from various state and non-state stakeholders, policy recommendations, and giving voice to women and children who have experienced homelessness and displacement.

Many homeless shelters in the area lack these programs, which impedes the ability of parents to obtain
employment. Alleviating the burden of childcare and providing interview and resume coaching will greatly
improve these individuals’ opportunities to ultimately obtain independent housing. A donation from you would
contribute to this much-needed service and to make an impact in this community. Donations are welcomed and with your support, we can realize this vision, and aid in the eradication of homelessness.